Chikungunia Fever and its Signs and Symptoms

Chikungunia Fever and its Signs and Symptoms

Chikungunya fever

Chikungunya fever is an infection which is caused by the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms of Chikungunya include fever and joint pain and usually occur 2-12 days after exposure. Joint swelling, muscle pain, headache and a rash are also symptoms of it. The joint pain sometimes last for months but fever cures within a week. Risk of death is approximately 1 in 1,000. Aedes Albopictus and Aedes Aegypti mosquitos are mainly spreading this virus. These mosquitos mainly bite during day time. Symptoms are mostly similar to dengue fever and Zika fever. After a single infection it is believed maximum people become immune.


Signs and Symptoms

  • Sudden onset with high fever, joint pain, and rash.Chikungunya fever
  • Other symptoms may occur such as headache, digestive complaints, fatigue and conjunctivitis.
  • Chikungunya fever may result in a chronic phase and also in the phase of acute illness.
  • Two stages have been identified within the acute phase such as viral stage and convalescent stage.
  • Normally, Chikungunya fever begins with a sudden high fever and lasts from a few days to a week, maximum up to 10 days.
  • The Chikungunya fever is above 102 °F and up to 104 °F. It lasts several days, breaking and then returning.
  • Headache, insomnia and extreme degree of exhaustion remain, commonly about 5-7 days.
  • Strong joint pain or stiffness lasts weeks or months but sometimes it may last for years.Chikungunya fever
  • In 87–98% of cases joint pain is reported and occurs in more than one joint.
  • Pain most commonly occurs in the wrists, ankles, and joints of the hands and feet, shoulders, elbows and knees, sometimes in muscles or ligaments.
  • 2-5 days after onset of the symptoms Rash occurs in 40-50% of cases.
  • Abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea may also occur.
  • Inflammation of the eyes may also occur in Chikungunya fever.
  • Short-term damage to the liver may also occur in some cases.
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